Posted by: Bill | July 15, 2009

Heavy sigh

It seems that a few social conservatives in Texas are attempting to rope History education into the culture wars. As the Core Knowledge Blog notes, History/Social Studies already get the shaft in many a school. This can’t help. Rewriting history to advance any agenda is appalling to me. But what if they are not actually rewriting things, you say? There is nothing wrong with examining history from a given viewpoint. Agreed, but take a look at this from the WSJ:

The conservative reviewers say they believe that children must learn that America’s founding principles are biblical. For instance, they say the separation of powers set forth in the Constitution stems from a scriptural understanding of man’s fall and inherent sinfulness, or “radical depravity,” which means he can be governed only by an intricate system of checks and balances. The curriculum, they say, should clearly present Christianity as an overall force for good — and a key reason for American exceptionalism, the notion that the country stands above and apart.

All of the Deists and Freemasons who shaped the Declaration and Constitution would  spin in their graves, not to mention John Locke.

Note that I am always available for imagined debates/arguments like the one above.


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