Posted by: Bill | July 28, 2009

Worth reading beginning to end…

…including the comments…if you care deeply about topics such as curriculum and standards…and are okay with having your brain hurt a little bit by the end.

The post is from the Core Knowledge Blog and concerns an early draft of the national standards we’ve been hearing about lately. I’m trying hard to fight the cynicism to see where all of this leads. More important than the post is the discussion within the comments. It made my head spin a little, but it was worth the time to digest it all (including a comment from the Core Knowledge Godfather E.D. Hirsch).

I feel strongly about content finding its way to the nation’s classrooms, but I remain unsure the best way to dictate it. I have been in the room when a dozen PhD’s debate “the canon” and there most definitely are no right answers. I deeply respect their attempt though.

As one of the commenters noted, trying to turn national standards into a national curriculum is a mistake. I agree with this, but another commenter noted that states and districts need guidance that is more than fluff. Standards feed test specifications and those specifications become the assessments that drive so many decisions in K-12 today. Poor standards beget useless assessments. Always.

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