Posted by: Bill | August 14, 2009

I hope…

…that I never become so irrationally FOR a cause or issue that I am willing to toss aside my integrity and do it proudly like the woman at this town hall event in Texas. You need only scan through the post to see what happened. Sheila Jackson Lee was conducting a townhall primarily devoted to health care and this woman stood up and spoke in favor of the proposed bill. She identified herself as a primary care physician for the past 4 years. She was lying.

The reason the Houston Chronicle was happy to reprint her lie is debatable. This could be an issue of lazy journalism or, admittedly, they may be resource-strapped like the rest of the industry and they just weren’t able to fact-check the story well enough. Regardless, they modified the online version of the story without a retraction (not that anyone really would have noticed). Here is some additional background by the blogger who did the legwork to identify Mayer as a liar.

I hereby appoint my wife, family and friends to be in charge of harassing me (up to and including pummeling me with my own beloved mag light) should I ever stoop to this level.


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