Posted by: Bill | August 20, 2009

That time of year

I have been focusing on football a lot the last few weeks. I can’t help it. Once the Tour de France ended (by the way, nice work by the entire Astana team despite the drama), there is only football. The Steelers have been granted a much easier schedule than last year and pretty much lost zero key personnel. They didn’t lose anyone they can’t backfill from existing players. This is all good news. That being said, I still worry about the O-Line and the letdown that can come the year after a Super Bowl. Of course, there can always be injuries as well.

There were moments in the first preseason game (a win) that I have been waiting to see such as two excellent plays by Limas Sweed and promising work from rookie WR Mike Wallace. The jury is still out on reborn rookie Rashard Mendenhall. More importantly, Ben defeated Shaq in a 7 on 7 game on the first episode of Shaq Vs. I was highly entertained by the banter between the two as well as the game of HORSE they played at Ben’s house. The 7 on 7 game itself looked like Ben’s defense was taking plays off so Shaq could score.

I also wanted to direct you to this link about Rocky Blier. 40 years ago today, he almost lost his life in Vietnam. The link chronicles his unlikely rehabilitation and successful career as a Steeler. I knew he was a vet and injured, but I had no idea his injuries were so extensive or the key role that the Rooney family played. This is a great story and worth the read as it’s not that long. Thanks to the Behind the Steel Curtain blog for the post.



  1. Being an ND grad, I was chosen to be Mr. Blier’s host when he came to give a motivational speech at a GE sales meeting.

    Nice, humble guy.

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