Posted by: Bill | August 25, 2009

That time of year (take 2)

A few days ago, we spoke of the return of the NFL. Along with the NFL (to the chagrin of many spouses and significant others) comes fantasy football. While my enjoyment of it seems to be decreasing slightly as I age, I am still part of 3 leagues. First draft is tomorrow evening and, unsurprisingly, I have moved from my usual “underprepared” status to “completely unprepared”. This does not stress me out since we all know that 50% of FF is luck.

Always impressed with how much money is to be made from this game, imagine my surprise when I read about fantasy football insurance. Brilliant! In the event the article is gated, here is a quick excerpt:

FSI offers three options for the nervous fantasy owner to protect his investment:

1. A player misses 10 of the first 15 games due to injury

2. A player misses eight of the first 12 games due to injury

3. Three players miss a combined 18 of the first 15 games due to injury.

Before the first weekend of the NFL season, the fantasy owner selects the player he wishes to insure — let’s say it’s his top pick, Peyton Manning of Indianapolis. He then enters his league entry fee ($250 for this scenario, though FSI offers claims up to $1,000), transaction fees ($0), and money spent on additional expenses, like magazines and online subscriptions ($15).

FSI then determines the cost of the policy based on those numbers, with every top-50 player — from the chronically-injured Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams to the Atlanta Falcons’ relatively sturdy Michael Turner. In this case, insuring Mr. Manning for a 15-game fantasy season would cost $29.87. For just under $30, an owner who loses Mr. Manning to injury for 10 of his 15 fantasy games would recoup the entire $265 he spent on his fantasy team from FSI. And he could still replace the star quarterback with a waiver-wire pickup and salvage the season anyway. Mr. Olszewski, for example, replaced Mr. Brady with Matt Cassell and finished fourth in his league.

No word yet on whether or not I will choose to insure any of my teams.


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