Posted by: Bill | September 16, 2009

Jon Stewart on ACORN

For the last few days as this story has come to light, I have been looking forward to writing a post about it. I’ve been doing my usual research here and there when I have time and putting links aside. However, Jon Stewart does it much better and, not surprisingly, with excellent humor. It’s worth it to watch the entire 6 minutes.

For those of you who haven’t heard, ACORN has been caught on tape in 4 separate cities offering advice to a fake pimp and his prostitue girlfriend. They are attempting to get aid and advice for housing and also do not wish to report all of their income to the IRS. Most importantly, they will be bringing in 13 underage girls from El Salvador as well. These two freelance reporters were obviously making sure there was no gray area here. Also, if you watch the videos, they are about the worst fake pimp and prostitute you will ever meet.

But like I said, Jon Stewart summarizes it much better.


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