Posted by: Bill | October 2, 2009

Google wave update

Google is slowly allowing the world to get access to Google Wave. I have not yet received an invite, but this is not surprising as I am not that nerdy. I have been an evangelist for Google Wave since I first learned of it. However, I found I am not that good at explaining what it is and why it is so cool. Here is a 2 minute video showcasing an excellent and very realistic IT use case. Now do you think it’s cool?


  1. Yee Gads. I am just now getting up to speed on web cams and on-line chats. I just recently found out I could get free ware to let me open and read all the power point slide shows people have been sending me for years that I could only read at work where I had power point.

    I am still learning how to use my digital camera and all the crazy functionalty it has.

    Now I have to learn how to “wave” too?

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