Posted by: Bill | October 15, 2009

In which I link to the NYT twice without being angry

The topics might be very different, but this is a special day. Most importantly, we have an education article about career-switchers. Yes, I am shilling for ABCTE here. We knew the article was in the works, but I never expected several paragraphs. Good times.

Slightly less important is this article from Tom Friedman regarding the recent Nobel Peace Prize winner. It’s clear that Tom realized I am no longer one of his disciples and he is trying to win me back. I know that Barack will never do this, but it was fun to read and think about.

Last is an apology for not blogging much lately. Heather has started her bedrest (1.5 weeks down, 8.5 to go). I have many thoughts I wish to share about this, but haven’t had the time between work and spending time with her at the hospital. I will find the time though and probably spew about a thousand words so beware.


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