Posted by: Bill | October 20, 2009


I’d like to think I’m a big Steelers fan. I bore people who don’t care about football talking about them and do my best to bore people who love football talking about them. Thanks to the wonders of NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s hard to remember the last time I missed a game. I have not yet reached the encyclopedic knowledge of their personnel and salaries like my friend Gary, but I am on my way. That being said, the owner of this vehicle destroys me. This was taken in the parking lot of the Harris Teeter near my house on Sunday.


The Steelers have been a bit enigmatic thus far this year. I am worried about when we play a real football team (next week vs. Minn comes to mind). The offense moves the bill seemingly at will, but often disappoints in some fashion. I can’t remember watching a Steeler team with so many open receives on almost every play. Needlesstosay, I am thankful for our easy schedule. We should be undefeated, but I am currently thankful for 4-2. I’m glad to get Minnesota at home as well.

Here are a few other random football thoughts/predictions that I am making public now to come back and check my predictions later in the season.

  • I don’t believe Denver is really that good yet. Same goes for Minnesota as they are two plays from 4-2. Cincy is a tough call though as they have now beaten two supposedly good teams (Pitts and Balt) and should have beaten Denver. I suspect it will be the Ravens and Steelers fighting for the division though.
  • Indy looks good, but I’m not sold yet. Maybe they are really good or maybe their division is terrible (Yes!) and the AFC is weaker than most years (Yes!).
  • New England still scares me. As an aside, I want to add “Dear Tom Brady-please spread your TD passes out a little bit more from now on as I am one of your owners in FF.”

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