Posted by: Bill | October 21, 2009

Beating Back the Cynicism

Here are two links to help beat back the cynicism you may or may not feel from time to time (or perhaps daily). The first, from Marginal Revolution, asks a question that I have often thought to myself privately. What are some examples of successful government bureaucracies? Since most of us are assaulted daily by poor and inefficient ones, this was a good reminder that they do exist. Granted, this is all subjective. The second comment is interesting as it ties the examples together with a theme of “specificity of purpose”, which makes a lot of sense to me.

The next discusses the potential for a mobile (and ideally open source) payment system for microfinance. It goes on to discuss some parameters that would help and why this would be a good innovation. Innovation is the key word there. My internet travels brings ideas like this to my attention several times a week. Such innovations help counter my cynicism.


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