Posted by: Bill | October 21, 2009

Blogging may be lite…

…for the next 18 years or so.

I haven’t said much about the impending birth of <Taylor and Shakira?> for a couple of reasons. For one, time has been a big issue…even more so now that Heather has begun her bedrest (check out her blog). The bigger reason that I don’t like to say out loud is that I fear that writing about <Mary Kate and Ashley?> will cause this blog to lose some of that icy lack of emotion I try so hard to fill it with.

I have heard other parents describe the powerful effect different moments during pregnancy had on them. One of my favorite parent quotes (the originator will remain anonymous lest this blog be used against him in a court of law) is “If anyone ever hurt my boys, I would kill them.” I believed him at the time, but I didn’t really get it. I do now. I’m not promising violence, but I understand the inclination.

My moment was the first ultrasound where we could clearly see arms and legs and lots of movement. My heart leapt…and I don’t mean the Steelers just won the Super Bowl kind of way…more like 5 times Santonio’s TD. I knew at that moment that there was very little I wouldn’t do for them (except paying for two weddings). It also occurred to me that they would likely have me wrapped around their little fingers immediately (we didn’t know they were girls at the time, but that is what we suspected we were having).

Watching some of our friends children grow up these past few years gave me an inkling of what a parent can feel, especially for the girls we see every Thursday night. I grew to love them quite fast, but once again, that was magnified many times a few months ago staring at an ultrasound screen at babies that were perhaps an inch long at the time.

As of today, they both weigh a little over 2 lbs. We are hoping to sprint toward that 4-5 lb mark across the next 8 weeks. Heather is 20% done with her bedrest and so far, so good. All indicators point to a healthy pair of future doublemint twins and she has not had any issues with boredom yet.

I will do my best to share the many thoughts that flash through my mind in the coming weeks. I think about everything from the logistics of doubling everything to whether or not this weekend’s marathon will be my last until they are teenagers to their education. Oh yes, their education is probably on my mind too often. What do I need to do to make them smarter than all of you? I have many plans as well as a wife who will intervene as necessary.

However, working, taking care of the house and spending as much time with Heather as I can have taken priority. Am I nervous about twins coming? Not really. There is nothing stopping this train–that I wish to contemplate–so being nervous or scared will serve no purpose. The ice returning to my veins feels good. Bring on the diapers and the sleeplessness and place your bets on how long before I eat my words.

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