Posted by: Bill | November 16, 2009

When being wrong would be nice

I think many of us (especially those prone to cynicism) are watching the health care legislation that has cleared the House and is about to visit the Senate with a pained sense of inevitability. Something is going to get passed and it’s going to be a trainwreck. There is even a part of me that wants to have the Dems pass a bill with everything they want (public option, insurance exchanges, etc.) just to see what happens. At least that way you end up with some coherent policy vision. We know that is not what is going to happen though.

Here is a post from Megan McCardle from a month ago. Some times I like to save predictions from the pundocracy and reread them weeks or months later. One month in (still very early), I still agree with the one that she makes in this post. I also agree with her when she says “This is one time I’d be happy for my predictions to fail in both directions.”

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