Posted by: Bill | December 1, 2009

The Copenhagen Consensus or, A Less Messianic Approach to Solving the World’s Problems

Anyone forced to spend too long around me will inevitably hear my thoughts on climate change and how the world is handling the “crisis”. A quick search of my blog tells me that I have never linked to the Copenhagen Consensus. This is a blogger fail on my part. This post is most definitely not about the upcoming boondogle for the anthropogenic global warming elites.

I came across this organization when I read Cool It a few years back. I was drawn to the book because I had heard that Bjorn Lomborg was a believer in man-made warming (former Greenpeace), but he thought the world had bigger problems to deal with first. This group of economists did what economists do. Since economics is largely about incentives and trade-offs, they analyzed a list of challenges the world is facing and calculated where we might see the best return on investment given the finite resources in the world today. I will not tell you where AGW fell on that list. It’s not hard to find on the site though.

During the runup to the Copenhagen boondogle, the WSJ has given Lomborg space for several Op-Eds to attempt to make his point. If you have a subscription, I suggest visiting and just searching for him as the author. It would be faster than reading one of his books.


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