Posted by: Bill | December 9, 2009

Family Expansion Imminent

There has been a lot going on lately. The approaching end of Heather’s hospital stay combined with yet another dismal Steeler lost finally drove me to bring some Scotch to the hospital Sunday night. As I sipped a glass of 16 year old Lagavulin, I realized it would have made the visits to the hospital even more enjoyable had I made it a Sunday night tradition. Given that the Steelers have suffered four embarrassing losses in a row, it would have served the dual purpose of celebration and sorrow each time.

Yesterday also marked 32 years old for Heather and Monday her mom also arrived. I obviously know her quite well and was expecting her to handle her captivity well. However, she has exceeded even my expectations. As she has noted on her blog, we are about to get the best gift ever. Given that and how busy I have been, this wasn’t my strongest birthday effort. I did rock things in true Blannin sibling style by delivering all of them unwrapped in a big bag.

And now, tomorrow is the big day. 1:00 pm to be exact. Our family should double by about 1:15. As you might imagine, there is a lot on my mind. There is the expected nervousness since a C-section is not minor surgery. This is compounded by the fact that we won’t know exactly how healthy Shiraz and Syrah are for at least a few minutes.

I am now distracting myself by concentrating on the awesome responsibility and honor that will soon be mine–I get to tell everyone and share pictures. Good times ahead.



  1. Thanks for the link! Good luck with everything tomorrow, and congratulations (even if you are a Steelers fan). I hope you find parenthood as rewarding as I have.

    Jeff (a Phoenix Cardinals fan)

  2. Congrats, Bill! Good luck tomorrow.

  3. We’ll be thinking about all four of you. Good luck! Really exciting and awesome.

  4. Bill,

    Thinking of you guys today. Can’t wait to get the news.

    love, Bean

  5. Bill –

    Thinking about all of you guys. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to get the news. What an awesome day.


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