Posted by: Bill | December 17, 2009

Some family posts

Here is one on our family blog regarding the arrival of the newest members of Steeler Nation. The next announces the arrival of Addison and Emily and includes a few more pictures. Finally, here is a Picasa Album with many pictures.

I actually think things feel somewhat sane right now. I am back in the office until the girls come home. As you might have seen on the other blog, they are doing quite well. I thought I was going to have another weekend to get everything ready for their arrival. However, it’s possible that this coming weekend will be the only one. While this is the best Christmas present ever, I suspect there will be a little bit of scrambling this weekend. The real fun/excitement/chaos should being shortly thereafter, but I am still looking forward to it.

I think that tonight as Heather and I each had one of the girls, we were both thinking the same thing. I had no idea I could love something so much. I have also underestimated my capacity to just sit and hold them and stare at/study them (evidence below).



  1. Well, now you know — how much your mom loves you! I always told Chris, Jon and MB that they would never know how much I loved them until they had a child of their own

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