Posted by: Bill | January 19, 2010

What I learned on the Internet

I am not going to offer much of an introduction to this post from Megan McCardle. This often happens with some of my favorite bloggers when they capture how I feel perfectly. The specter of health care legislation failing because of the special election in MA is what spawned this post. However, as Megan notes, it can be applied to pretty much any situation in life. My own flashback to the day after Bush defeated Kerry in 2004 was one of my favorite liberals entering my office and stating “America gets what it deserves for reelecting him”. I smiled and thought that sounds about right for a democracy.

The title of this post may seem unrelated. However, what I learned on the Internet was essentially that I know very little about pretty much everything. The vast amount of information (facts and opinions) available on pretty much any topic humbled me. I think I have a decent number of brain cells and am not afraid to form opinions on almost any topic. However, these opinions are usually qualified in some way because I know there is so much that I don’t know. It’s annoying to have to write and speak this way and you may even believe I have no spine, but I can’t avoid it because I really am not an expert on anything. The only exception might be my own life, but my perspectives there are no doubt biased.

The humbling nature of what the Internet has enabled for most of us–access to unimaginable amounts of information at low cost–is also what makes it fantastic though.

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