Posted by: Bill | January 25, 2010

NY Times Adding a Gate

It sounds like the NYT has finally decided how it will charge for content. It looks like it will be a metered access of some type where you get X number of articles free per month and pay after that. I don’t know what this means for me personally. I suspect I will enjoy my free content and do my best never to give an extra penny to a newspaper that I generally dislike.

Ezra Klein (who blogs for WaPo) has an interesting thought on what this might mean for bloggers like himself (i.e. ones who gets lots of traffic).

But what to do about blogs? Already, much of what blogs do is summarize, quote or otherwise relay information that’s tucked inside a long newspaper story that busy readers don’t have time to find or read. This will increase that market: A blogger with a few subscriptions can distill the information from the newspapers that readers don’t have subscriptions to. Bloggers move from providing more efficient information to offering access to information. A black market for news, in a sense.

He goes on to say that it’s unclear what this might mean for newspaper revenue. In one sense, it could help it go up or the bloggers could be stealing paying subscribers which might lead to ugly, but ultimately important, lawsuits.


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