Posted by: Bill | February 23, 2010

I often feel this way

TNC describes, with brevity, how I often feel when writing a post.The last line made me laugh out loud because it’s perfect.

It really sucks when you spend the morning writing a blog-post, and you can’t convince yourself that you’re right. Hours of writing and thinking, and you don’t so much realize you’re wrong, as you’re just not convinced you’re right. All of that work for naught.

People who talk shit about bloggers need to try it. It’s fucking hard.

Granted, I don’t do this for a living like him so I don’t spend hours on any post. Believe me, I wish I could though. I am comforted by the fact that I have a small audience and that it’s unlikely I will lose my job for sucking at this. Speaking of blogging for a living though, I will be doing more of that under the ABCTE banner given the departure of the big boss.



  1. Bill, does this mean you will become the “big boss”?

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