Posted by: Bill | March 30, 2010

Health care snippets

I’ve been away for awhile. Any free time has been spent sleeping, staring at my girls beautiful smiles, taking pictures of said smiles or posting pictures of those smiles on the family blog. I’m rolling the dice tonight though as the girls are sleeping well. I have much to say on many topics (as usual). I am guessing that the only way that I will have time to blog now and then is to not think so much about each post. Isn’t this how blogging/twitter/etc. are supposed to work you ask? Yes, but I have had trouble in the past just throwing the first thing that pops into my head onto the interwebz. I am trying to change that.

Here is an interesting thought from Tyler Cowen on Marginal Revolution:

Many Americans will receive subsidies for insurance, from what I understand roughly in the range of 6k to 12k. Many other Americans — namely those who already have health insurance — will not receive direct subsidies of this nature. Yet the subsidy-receiving and non-subsidy-receiving Americans will very often belong to the same income classes.

This disparity does not bother me personally (I have other worries about the subsidies), but I believe it will be very unpopular once it is publicly understood. One way or another, the “firewall” between the exchanges and the employer-supplied system will break down. Some people will want to spread the subsidies, others will want to limit them. Yet the former is budgetarily problematic and the latter will be politically difficult.

I am still coming to terms with what this bill will actually mean in the long run. My understanding is severely limited right now. I am also trying to keep an open mind.


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