Posted by: Bill | April 19, 2010

Stanford run charter denied extension

I’m not surprised at all. Here is the perfect example of why this school did not live up to expectations. From  the NYT article:

After the vote, Beth Injasoulian, who teaches statistics at the high school, said, “This was such an act of courage to start this school despite the challenges.”

Courage? This was a public charter school that outspent its peers. How about “We opened a school in a neighborhood with characteristics shared by thousands of schools in the US and we failed to live up to expectations.” This is, once again, the beauty of a charter. It’s time runs out and it needs to be renewed. The churn is not fun for the families involved, but cannot be avoided. I would love to add more about how the touchy-feely is not a great approach when kids start out behind, but I don’t have enough evidence to label this school.


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