Like most of you, I am just a guy making his way in the world today (queue theme from Cheers). I am married, have been around for 36+ years and work for an education nonprofit in Washington, DC. I love basketball, the NFL, dishwashing, endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlon), folding laundry, reading (especially History), the outdoors, my family and (gasp) even my job, but not necessarily in that order. I started this blog because, from time to time, I have opinions or information to share. I hope you will not be shy in sharing your own. The wife and are also blogging about the family, primarily our identical twin girls.



  1. Looks like we both caught the blog bug. I look forward to reading! Thanks for linking to me. I will return the favor. Thank you also for giving me another reason to not do laundry during nap time.

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